So'sh Media Fast - Day 1

I have had no significant withdrawal symptoms thus far on Day 1 of my fortnight of fasting from social media (aka so'sh media). I woke up about 10 AM and discovered a text from my buddy Brian that he was going to be in town and wanted to come over for some pre-FAWM songwriting in the afternoon. I told him that sounded great and the timing was perfect because Deborah and I had time to go to the gym for a solid workout before he arrived. In addition to my usual 45 minutes of aerobics on the exercise bike (whilst accomplishing my Duolingo language exercises), Deborah and I also scored a lane in the lap pool and swam for 15 minutes or so, sans annoying kids.

When Brian arrived, we went out to lunch at Cafe Hollander and had a great conversation before heading home, where Brian and I spent a few hours pre-FAWMing. FAWM is February Album Writing Month, which happens in February (obviously), but since I will be on vacation in an undisclosed tropical location for about half of February, we decided to cheat the system and get some skeletal songs sketched out and crudely recorded. It was just instrumental chord progressions mostly, all of the GOLD! We will add words later, probably during the latter half of February. I can probably write a few lyrics remotely from the tropics, but Deborah tends to frown on it when I get too self absorbed on trips.

I had a steak for dinner and watched Game of Thrones. I know...I am like the only person who isn't caught up on that show. My mind already feels cleaner without the distraction of social media and I am looking forward to a productive and creative day tomorrow. I'll grant you, every so often I catch myself thinking, I wonder what is happening on social media? But then I remember that essentially nothing is happening there, or more precisely "a whole lotta nothing."

A part of me is anxious that I can't share my upcoming gig events with my Facebook "friends," but to be frank, when has sharing one of those ever resulted in people attending the gig who wouldn't have attended anyway? I mean, the event is on there. It's public and people are adults who can figure what gigs they want to go to, if any. Whenever I have shared events on FB in the past, the few people who respond usually check the INTERESTED option, but we all know that is universally understood to mean, "I'll be there in spirit (but not in person)." Before social media, I think people called it "wishful thinking," or sometimes just "laziness." People who ignore the events have prior conflicting commitments, I assume.

That being said, I'm having a rock-n-roll birthday party on Saturday January 7 at the Come Back Inn in Madison WI, hosted by YOUR MOM (the party rock cover band). It's free admish and all that good stuff and I'd love to celebrate my latest trip around the Sun with all you good folks.

It's American flag underwear themed.

Also Happy New Year. 2017 happens to be a prime number, if you are at all into numbers and things.

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