The Face

Today marked two weeks (aka a fortnight) of successful social media fasting, a mini new year's resolution I set for myself. I did not log onto Facebook or Twitter or any other time sucking social medium during this hiatus and it was quite refreshing. A lot of time was freed up for other more useful things. My mind felt "cleaner," largely because it was not subject to the poisonous onslaught of memetic toxic waste that makes up over 80% of social media. I succumbed to no click bait. I was not exposed to uninformed political ideology nor falsely attributed Morgan Freeman quotes. I did not have to refer any Facebook friends to snopes.com for posting something ridiculously false, nor waste any time doing the Snopes research myself that said "friends" should have done in the first place. It was great.

The biggest obstacle I encountered during this hiatus was trying to access some apps I use, the logins for which were linked to my Facebook account. But it was a simple matter to update the logins using email instead.

I logged into Facebook today to see if my hiatus had had any ill effects whatsoever. None were found. Everyone seemed to be getting along fine without me, and I was quite happy to know that the Giant Internet Brain is far superior to me at providing my "friends" with empty distractions that in no way improve their lives. I decided to vote a few "friends" off the social media island, mostly people that I have no idea who they are, nor any memory of receiving/accepting their friend requests, although some are just people that should interact with me on social media but for whatever reason they don't (why do we bother with the Face then?).

That's all. I'll be off the social media for at least another fortnight now. At that time I'll do another purge and over time try to reduce my social media circle of "friends" down to a manageable size. Don't be offended if you get booted, just remember I am not even using social media, except exploitatively to share these blog posts, so it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to be connecting there, does it? If you are an actual flesh and blood (and brains) friend, you can call, text, or email me to set a time/place for coffee or lunch in a real world setting. As a Free Agent in the Cosmos, I am very flexible on time and can work around your schedule.

The following is included as a resource for any of my social media addicted friends looking for a way to escape the social media Borg.

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