The Red Zone

I found myself in the red zone a lot this weekend. The red zone is not a bad place to be, but it's also not as good a place to be as one would think. It's better to be in the red zone than outside it though.

The red zone was intense and massive about 2 PM on Saturday when the Womens' March against Trump was reaching its climax in Madison, and elsewhere around the globe. The redness was amplified by Beer n Cheese Fest that started at 2 and went till 6. After about 7, the red zone dissipated rapidly, but it redeveloped full force for the Packer game on Sunday.

The Packers lost. I don't know or care why, but they did, and this quenched all the redness in the later hours of Sunday.

Now I am at Funks Pub, sitting at a gaudily painted bar table next to my buddy and musical contemporary Phil, who just finished pushing 3 massive fish tacos down his throat. I'm sipping a merlot. A few minutes ago, I went into the restroom to wash my hands (not obsessive-compulsively) and encountered the cook at Funks, Matt. He glanced at me as he stood at the urinal.

"Hey! How are you," he said.

"Great. How are you?" I responded.

Good," he said. "It seems to me I still owe you a curry recipe."

"Yeah." He did. The cat had produced a Sri Lankan chicken curry at one of the Funks jams before Christmas and served it up to the musicians in attendance. It was fan-fecking-tastic, and when I begged him for the recipe, he gave me an affirmative IOU.

"I will get that to you soon," he said. "I gotta run here pretty soon, but next time you stop down..."

"No worries," I said. "The longer the anticipation, the better it will taste."

"You'll be running all over town looking for ingredients," he promised. "The Asian grocery stores have most of the good herbs."

I thanked him. That was like a half hour ago and Matt's still here at Funks, so I guess he didn't have to run here as soon as he thought, but no curry recipe has been forthcoming. He is, however, sitting over at the bar writing something on a pad of paper, so maybe that curry recipe will manifest sooner than anticipated.

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