Dear Foggy Frosty Madison

Hi Madison Peeps!

What's shaking? I hear through my channels (mostly the Weather Bug app) that Old Man Winter is having some commitment issues with the Midwest. Fog in February sounds very passive aggressive. It should be blustery and below zero this time of year in Wisconsin. Sorry that it's just being stupid there.

I'm in Florida. I'm not trying to gloat, it's just a fact. So I was thinking...if the Wisco winter has got you consternated, I encourage you to vicariously enjoy my Florida vacation shenanigans by way of my blog travelogues here. Tune in any time or SUBSCRIBE for regular updates.

If you're new to my blog, peruse the past five or six installments. You'll see some pics of tropical scenery and a couple cool videos of close up wild dolphin and manatee encounters in Tarpon Bay off Sanibel Island FL.

There's more cool stuff to come this week. I'm on the hunt to find land hermit crabs...


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