I Sullied Myself Today

I did a bad thing. I went on Facebook today. Now I feel dirty.

I could make the case that I did something useful whilst I was on there, creating an event for Deborah's and my two year anniversary of unmarried bliss on May 29th, and letting my friends know about a promo for $50 in free rides from LYFT.

But that in no way excuses the fact that I broke my social media hiatus with an unscheduled visit to the Face, and I feel awful. I saw some things on there I cannot unsee. I usually limit my exposure to social media filth to Sundays fortnightly. Two weeks of recovery from the fake news and quasi coherent political ramblings of my "friends" is quite satisfactory. But visiting more frequently than that is nauseating. It's exactly what the Giant Internet Brain wants me to do...instantly gratify my perceived urges, but there is no reason I couldn't have waited for a free Sunday.


That being said, I'm now off to a real world analog social gathering with my Mastermind accountability group at a coffee shoppe. So eff you, Giant Internet Brain!

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