Post Free Day Intensity

Sunday mornings are often action packed at our household, and not just after we have a dietary free day. This morning, Deborah and I got up at a leisurely pace. We meditated, then I practiced piano for 30 minutes whilst Deborah packed her gym bag and dicked around the house with the dogs. I cooked and ate some egg whites left over from our key lime pie marathon of indulgence yesterday (the pie recipe only uses yolks). We went to the gym and had a fantastic 75 minute workout that included some lap swimming and hot tubbing. This was all accomplished by 1 PM.

I had felt like I was coming down with a cold yesterday, but I punched it hard in the stomach with some potent "enhanced" zinc lozenges from Life Extension (they taste terrible, but they work...high marks!) and a bunch of OTC meds, so I feel a lot better today (knock on wood), especially after the gym workout.

I'm out driving around this afternoon and I feel like time is flying by, or more like I lost an hour somewhere. It's an odd feeling.

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