Today is FREE DAY!


Deborah and I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating. But each week we pick a day (usually a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) to be our FREE DAY. On that day, we are allowed to be as hedonistically dietarily unhealthy as we want. Pizza, ice cream, candy, cake, cheese stix, Chinese buffet, whatever. This serves a threefold purpose. First, it means that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle most of the time and still enjoy the sinful foods that make life fun. There is some tenuous scientific evidence to support periodic cycles of binge eating, to do with human evolution and the hunter-gatherer diet, which had episodes of feast and famine. Second, it motivates us to be good about our eating the other six days of the week. In fact, we have a rule that if we eff up and prematurely eat forbidden treats before the ascribed free day, then that becomes our free day (for both people) and the planned free day is voided (that's not all that is voided after a free day...). Third, the gross way we feel at the end of a free day reminds us why we need to lead a healthy lifestyle most of the rest of the time.

Anyway, today is our free day and we are going to try our hand at making a key lime pie. Among other fun food related activities.

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