Tropical Travelogue Preamble

Winter escapism is imminent.

Right now, I am chillaxin' in my papasan chair, though I should be packing a bag full of shorts, tee shirts, and sandals. I've got time for that. First I'm going to relax a little after a long day's work and read a bit. Because I am on vacay right now.*

If you want to vicariously escape to sunshine, palm trees, manatees, fruity drinks, and beach fun, follow along on this blog over the next week and a half. If you prefer grey skies, cold weather, and snow...don't. Because the latter things are getting strictly disenfranchised tomorrow through Valentine's Day.

*Note: My life feels like one big giant vacay most of the time, to be honest with you, but a tropical getaway can't hurt!

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