Tropical Vay-Kay Day One Part B - Across the Aisle

I don't know why I'm bothering to write this entry. I'm just bored, I guess. Deborah and I are on the second and final leg of our flight to mangroves, alligators, and conch shells in which you can hear the ocean (mostly because you are right beside the ocean).

We weren't able to get our seat assignments on this flight from Detroit Rock City to Tampa until we arrived at the gate and for whatever dumb reason, they have Deborah and I sitting across the aisle from each other. We're also all the way at the rear of the plane. I'm not complaining. It's just a statement of fact. On the bright side, we both have aisle seats.

We land in Tampa in less than 30 minutes. So I am going to stop here and probably never post this, while I go write another scathing analysis of the Trump authoritarian regime on the 2 Minute Reader blog.

False. I am writing more and will probaby post this.

We arrived in Sarasota by way of rental car a short time ago, completing the bulk of our travels for the time being. We are at Deborah's brother's house, where we were treated to some fresh fruit upon arrival. Now we are about to get some solid sleep before tomorrow's adventures.


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