Tropical Vay-Kay Day Twelve - Sara Soda


I am at the Goldberg house in Sarasota FL, sitting on a nice pleather couch in the living room. Deborah and I drove up here last night from Sanibel Island and will spend the final full day of our tropical vacation here, cruising around various places. We want to get a feel for the lay of the land since we might move here someday (it's a fantastic place).

After we got up this morning and swallowed down a bit of breakfast (Deborah made eggs...I thought they were great, but she said, "Meh."), we swam in Mark and Michelle's screened in pool. Very invigorating. Now I am just waiting for Deborah to get out of the shower so we can start the day's adventures. I took a shower earlier, at which time I came to the realization that I don't think I showered any other time this whole vacation. I know that sounds disgusting, but with all the time spent in the hot tub and pool at the Sanibel condo, there wasn't any need or opportunity to fully bathe. The weather was so pleasant that I did not sweat much and whenever we got back to the condo from any of our expeditions, usually by bike, we immediately jumped in the pool.

Anyway, I'd better end this preamble for now and gear up for today's outings.

Phase 1

We spent a couple hours driving around Sarasota looking at neighborhoods, and even got shown a rental property. There seems to be plenty of reasonably priced real estate options, both for renting or buying. So it's good to know that information if/when we decide to move here.

We had lunch at a mall-based restaurant called Burgers and Beer, which had plenty of good food options. I built my own "burger," although I ordered chicken breast, not beef, as my base, adding feta cheese, pineapple, grilled zucchini, and an over hard egg on top (no bun). It was great. Deborah and I split my side of zucchini fries, which were lightly breaded, tempurah style. The tab was surprisingly modest, making this establishment the "Bud's" of Sarasota, which will make no sense to most people, but my Mom and Pops will understand (Hi Mom and Pops!).*

After lunch, Deborah did a foolish thing. She visited the Tesla car dealership in the mall and got overly excited about all the fancy electric cars she cannot afford. I suppose it is something to aspire to though.

Now we are back at Mark and Michelle's house and it looks like we will just chillax here for a while, then have a final homemade dinner before we cruise on up to Tampa tonight. We decided to check into a hotel there because we have a butt early flight tomorrow and need to return the rental car at the airport in the morning.

Phase 2

We ended up going for a walk around Mark and Michelle's pleasant neighborhood. We saw these turtles.

Deborah's foot started hurting mid-walk, so she and I sat down in a pleasant side street while Mark walked home and then came and retrieved us in his car. Yay Mark!

We had a nice dinner with the Florida based family then did our farewells and drove up to the very low budget motel near the Tampa airport for the night. It's the kind of place where you have to run the AC fan to drown out all the other weird sounds so you can sleep. Deborah hates places like this, but they are simple and cheap. There was nothing on TV at the motel so I read my Kindle book until I got sleepy.

Tomorrow we fly back to Wisconsin, so tune in for travel updates (if we aren't murdered by other patrons of this sh!tty motel (fyi, it's the Extended Stay America by the Tampa Airport North...avoid it at all costs!).


*Note: The first day that we were down in Sanibel, Deborah and I were chillaxing in the hot tub when the precocious 4.5 year old daughter of one of the resort guests wandered over. She said her name was Nora and her dad was over by the pool. When Deborah asked Nora what her dad's name was, Nora replied, "My dad!"

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