10 Minutes - Today Was More Productive Than I Thought It Would Be

First off, happy birthday to my buddy Branden M. I think he still reads m'blog...?

I had anticipated today to be somewhat inefficient from a productivity standpoint, but it exceeded my expectations, which is always a good feeling.

I meditated a full 30 minutes this morning (goal is 15), with a jazz backing track, before Deborah and I went to meet with our accountant Pam at 10 AM to finalize taxes. We had a RAGBRAI planning meeting scheduled with our friends Sherry and Tyler for 11:30 AM across town, and I was afraid the time between meeting Pam and that would be too short to do anything productive, but I was wrong. I eeked out 30 minutes of jazz piano practice in the interim. The timing could not have been more perfect. After the RAGBRAI planning meeting, which spawned some action items, Deborah and I talked on the phone with Deborah's dad, who's a lawyer, about the ins and outs of making a prenuptual agreement before Deborah and I wed in a few short weeks. We didn't prepare it yet but were simply schooled on the various components of one, and it makes a lot more sense now (Thanks, Howie!). We then went to the gym and had a pretty good workout. I did about 15 minutes of weight machines and then 45 minutes on the exercise bike, sweating hard and burning over 500 calories. I completed my Duolingo language exercises while pedaling too. After the gym, I worked a few hours before heading home to watch some TV shows with m'honey.

Very little time was squandered today, yet we weren't rushed at all, and I like that a lot.

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