A Perfectly Timed Snow Day

I'm at Tires Plus getting my oil changed. It's a snow day today and the roads are in pitiful shape. Luckily, Tires Plus is not far from home and I have no other obligations today that would necessitate driving in this crappy weather. The timing could not be better.

Tomorrow, I leave for a weeklong trip to Austin TX and the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, by way of Nashville and New Orleans, so I am glad the snow will be over by then. I'm going as part of the road crew of Madison WI band SUNSPOT who tour down to SXSW every year to perform a few rock-n-roll shows. The snow day means I can spend the day packing and prepping for the trip, then spend the evening with my beautiful fiancée Deborah before I leave in the morning.

As an FYI, in addition to being SUNSPOT's roadie and designated driver in exchange for a spot on the tour van, I'll also be their unofficial biographer, travelogging the rock-n-roll adventure right here on this very blog. So if you want to experience the tour vicariously through me, via the old school written word, tune in here or subscribe via email over the next eight days or so.

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