Decompressing With Rock

I had an intensive, stressful yet fun, all day admissions interview for grad school today. My mind is basically fried and frazzled, but I still need to pull a full night of rocking out of my arse.

I am playing my last show with Kelsey Miles Band tonight at the Lazy Oaf. I'm grossly unprepared, but it won't show because I am about to go hone my rock-n-roll scimitar right now for an hour or so before I have to go play the gig.

I think it will be good "self care" to suit up and get rockin' tonight. My days of late night bar gigs are numbered as I look ahead to starting grad school in the fall (interview went about as good as it could, I thought). I'll still rock for you, just not the heinous all night slovenly bar band gigs that are too late for most of my peeps anyway.

I hope to see you at the show for a little bit tonight. If not...hey, it's your life...you can do what you want!


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