Friday Free Write

It's Friday. I'm about to head home after a decent day's work. Tonight I am hoping to hit the gym with Deborah for a light workout before we, maybe, go out on the town. Our friends Sherry and Tyler invited us to a thing, but it might conflict with our athletics because I think it's a happy hour type thing. I have become so zen disciplined to this healthy lifestyle I got going on that few things take priority over hitting my weekly fitness goals.

That being said, I am on schedule as far as gym workouts go this week. My goal is four or five trips to the gym per week. I went twice already this week. If I skip tonight, I have to go both Saturday and Sunday to be within specifications. If I go tonight and also go both Saturday and Sunday, I'll achieve the higher weekly goal milestone. I am leaning toward the latter option because next week I am leaving for a road trip to Texas as part of the support crew for the Madison band SUNSPOT as they tour down to SXSW in Austin. I will get some exercise hauling music gear for the band and jumping up and down at their shows to their excellent tunes, but there will also be a lot of sedentary driving in the van and eating junky food, so any calorie burning I can do before I leave for the trip will be helpful. As band DD though, I won't be drinking any beer, so that will help my waisteline.

Just as an FYI, I have got my weight down to just a smidge over 210 pounds and I am looking and feeling great. I don't do super intense workouts, just moderate ones regularly. Regularity is key. I Ubered a couple of lifestyle coaches this week and one of them asked me what exercises I did to lose over 30 pounds of weight this year. I told him it wasn't so much the exercises as the discipline of daily doing. I like the way that sounds and I'd like to copyright and trademark it right now: THE DISCIPLINE OF DAILY DOING (COPYRIGHT JOE LEONARD MARCH 10, 2017).

But if you are curious, my gym workout is usually 100 crunches and some upper body light weightlifting followed by 30 to 45 minutes on the exercise bike at moderate intensity (heartrate of 120-145 bpm). About 50% of the time I add 15 minutes of lap swimming in one of the pools at our fitness club. That's more to cool down than anything else, but swimming is a good full body workout.

I also eat way less unhealthy food than I used to as a single guy. Love of my life Deborah keeps me honest on the dietary front. When either of us is tempted by junky food we ask each other, "Are you sure you want to eat that?" And sometimes when we are thinking about second helpings or dessert we will say, "Wait five minutes and let the first course settle...then if you still want more, have at it." I lost my taste for beer late last year too. I think I sort of got allergic to the hops, or at least sensitive to it. I don't feel good if I drink more than one beer anymore; I get foggy headed and lethargic (and no, not from the alcohol). So that has helped me cut empty calories too. I started having a glass of healthy, antioxidant rich red wine here and there, and it doesn't affect me, but it's so rich that I can seldom drink more than one glass anyway.

I have gotten way off on a free writing tangent here, so I'll sign off. Have a superb weekend my friends.


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