Social Media Hates Me!

I disenfranchised social media earlier this year and freed myself from possible addiction to it. Did you know that social media is designed to be addictive? That's how it pays for itself, by keeping people glued to computers and devices, and thus exposed to the advertisements that underwrite the social media sites. A study just came out on this and it found that social media is just as addictive as anything else and it has similar effects on health and relationships. HERE is a reference. In fact, Facebook admits that it often runs tests to see what features keep people hooked longer and they implement the best ones.

Let me guess, you are seeing this post on Facebook or Twitter, yes? Social media wins.

But social media hates me because I was able to quit it cold turkey. That is to say, I no longer willfully access it, except in emergencies. My blog posts automatically post to social media so I can stay away from them. Social media isn't really even consciously aware of me, much less hating on me. There will be plenty of new addicts to take my place. I am a lot happier and less anxious since I started my social media fast after the start of the new year. I'm not exposed to shitty nonsense and hateful people, so my mind feels cleaner and more efficient. Plus I am more productive because I have to go find useful things to do, like learning two languages and piano.

Sometimes I'll see an important news article online and think, I really need to share that with people on social media...everyone should learn about this important thing. But then I think, Fuck the people...they're a bunch of idiot dickheads who got us Donald Trump and wouldn't know their assholes from a block of cheese, and the ones who are informed are probably already aware of the news piece I was tempted to share, so people can go do their own homework to stay informed, I am not anyone's keeper, I can only improve MYSELF.

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