The Circle and Wellness

I had a kickass workout today, but this is an absolute rather than a relative descriptor of said workout, because my workouts are pretty much always kickass, inasmuch as any workout is infinitely better than no workout at all, almost by definition.

That was a bit of a run on sentence. Apologies to any reader offended by that.

Deborah and I went to the "quiet gym" this morning, being as it was Saturday and the so-called "noisy gym" was apt to be rife with rambunctious children. The quiet gym is a satellite workout room in the other building of Harbor Athletic Club, where we are members, and far fewer people use it for whatever reason. Most importantly there are never any kids in there! It's a cleaner facility too.

The down side of the quiet gym is that there is no pool in that secondary building, so we can't do a cool down swim after our weekend workouts. It's a small price to pay to avoid the unsupervised pre-teen urchins of the noisy gym.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Deborah and I work out in the noisy gym mid- to late-morning and coordinate the cool down swim phase to coincide with ADULT SWIM in the sport pool of that facility. No kids are allowed in the sport pool between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's fantastic. All we have to contend with are a few older adults doing pool calisthenics, and we can remove the rope that demarcates the deep end of the pool because there is no risk of drowned kids during that time.

Today in the quiet gym, I put in about 45 minutes on the stationary exercise bike, at moderate "fat burning" intensity (120-130 hbpm), and burned 500+ calories according to the machine's energy consumption algorithm. It actually said I burned 600 calories, but I think that's an inflated figure, because a similar workout on the bikes in the noisy gym only yields about a 510 calorie burn. Regardless, it's good stuff. After the bike, I did 100 abdominal crunches on a cool but surprisingly simple device. It felt like I was really tightening things up down there, but I can't say for sure. I guess I'll know in a day or two if/when my lower torso feels sore.

I felt great after the workout.

Deborah and I are going to see the movie "The Circle" this afternoon. It's a matinee, but it still cost us $11 frickin' bucks a piece. I read the book and it was great, so I hope the movie does the book justice. There are a lot of great scenes in the book that if they are excluded from the movie will basically disqualify it from being rated AWESOME. I will update you soon.

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