10 Minute Free Write on Tuesday 05/02/17

I really love my new wife and eternal soulmate Deborah. I know it sounds totally gushy to say, but this is a free write and I am not allowed to edit what I have already written. That said, I promise not to gush about Deborah any further, other than to say she is the awesomest.

I was in a super shitty mood on Monday (yesterday). I had insomnia on Saturday and Sunday nights, due to some rude and inconsiderate house guests, and got a combined four hours of sleep over the weekend.

"You're a dick!" I yelled out my car window at a punk-assed millenial in a shitty car who smugly blew through a red light in front of oncoming traffic. His window was down and I knew he heard me, though I don't know if he cared.

Realizing my mood on Monday was not conducive to my usual Monday job of Uber and Lyft driving, I instead took my car to Tires Plus for an oil change. They had an opening in their schedule, so I left my car there and walked the 1.5 miles or so home. The exercise did my mood a little bit of good.

Right now, I am at Barriques coffee shoppe in Middleton WI working on some reading and writing. I am reading Stephen King's book, "On Writing," a non-fiction of his where he basically gives his two cents on the art and science of writing. He says a person should read as much as they write, if they want to be a good writer. I am down with that. I am going to go read that book for a spell right now, before doing some REAL writing work on my science fiction novel.

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