10 Minutes

Today is a great day. I feel really positive today, even though it's a little bit chilly outside. Yesterday afternoon, I planted our modest vegetable garden. I am keeping it very simple and sparse this year. A couple weeks ago, I added some fresh topsoil and composted manure fertilizer to the raised bed in the backyard and covered it all with black landscape fabric to prevent weeds. Yesterday, Deborah and I went to the nearby garden center and bought some vegetable and flower seedlings. The flowers are intended for the flower bed in front of our house and we will likely work on planting those tomorrow, weather permitting. The vegetable seedlings were tomatoes (2), broccoli (2), zuchini (1), and yellow squash (2). I don't want to overcrowd the raised bed and all of these vegetables have a pretty large footprint. I cut holes in the landscape fabric and transplanted the seedlings into the garden. This way, I only need to weed and water around the bases of the vegetable plants, because the landscape fabric will minimize weed growth in the area that it covers.

In about six minutes, I am going to start a focus block of book writing work for about four hours, which may be briefly interrupted around noon when the tree guy comes to take care of a fallen weeping willow branch in our yard.

I have some chores I need to tend to that are weighing on my mind. I have a strong compulsion to take care of these chores before I start my focus block, but that's only because I am a little OC about that and don't want the distraction of unresolved chores to impede my writing progress. In reality though, there will always be chores and there is no great urgency on these particular chores. In fact, the ball is in other peoples' court right now, so it is really up to them to do their jobs and my pestering them about it is unnecessary busy work. I had planned to have a focus block today and I am not going to let anything screw it up. Boom. My book isn't going to write itself after all.

I'll conclude this free writing exercise with a non sequitur by noting that Larabars are pretty awesome whole food snacks. Check out the simple ingredients list of these Pecan Pie Larabars. Nothing refined or artificial. No sugar. No gluten or even flour for that matter. Just three totally whole food ingredients: dates, pecans, and almonds.

Deborah and I keep several flavors of Larabars on hand as part of our healthy diet.

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