Chore Crushing

Deborah and I crushed some chores today. The TO DO list was and still is long, but we strategized for maximal time efficiency and pounded out a fair chunk of it today.

The day started as it usually does, with 15 minutes of calming zen meditation. Most days I meditate on my own to some music chosen carefully from my ample, albeit outdated, CD collection. Today Deborah joined me and we zoned out on some relaxing spa type music she found on Youtube. Afterwards, I put in an hour of piano practice while Deborah got ready for the action packed day ahead.

Our first stop, at around noon, was the Pink Poodle consignment shoppe for women, a store that re-sells womens' undesirable but still fashionable clothes and shoes, and cuts you in on the profit from any sales. With my help, Deborah has been purging vestments from her supersaturated walk in closet and she had a solid pile of threads to ditch on the secondhand clothing market. While the staff at Pink Poodle assessed the value and marketability of the garments, Deborah drove me and a box of books and records over to Half Price Books. I submitted the latter to their Buy Counter staff in exchange for a small amount of cash, some of which then went to purchasing a secondhand paperback by Edward Abbey entitled "Black Sun." Pink Poodle only deemed three or four items of Deborah's discarded wardrobe worthy of resale at their establishment ("shenanigans!"), so we went to another different and less stringent consignment shoppe, which gladly accepted the remaining clothes.

After that, we drove over to Edgewood College, where I'll start graduate school in the fall, so I could clear up a financial aid biff on their part. That went smoothly enough and then we were off to Costco for a much needed supply run there.

Somewhere in between all this running around, Deborah used the Magical Internet to submit some of our wedding pictures to Walgreens to get tranformed via alchemy into prints that we'll send to my mom as a Mothers Day gift (not a spoiler, since my mom asked for this...HI MOM!). After Costco, Deborah dropped me and the groceries off at home. While she went to Walgreens to pick up the pictures from the photo wizards there, I attempted to find space in the kitchen to put away all the goods. This necessitated purging a bunch of expired flour, spray oils, canned goods, drink mixes, and other abandoned crap from a portion of our pantry, a task that needed to be done anyway. So add that inadvertancy to the tally of destroyed tasks today.

"I feel like we maybe don't need to go to the gym," I told Deborah after she got home. "I think we got a good workout running all those errands."

"Yeah. I'm pretty wiped," she concurred.

I made some food and then we both succumbed to power naps to round out a very productive day. After I woke up, I did some creative work, culminating with this blog post. Now I am going to call it a day and watch some TV as I slowly prepare for a good night's sleep.

The key is herbal energy supplements, my friends, most importantly RHODIOLA and ASIAN ENERGY BOOST from Life Extension, a high end nutritional supplement company. They work!

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