Da Wedder

Dear Giant Internet Brain and Associated Carbon Based Gangliar Nodes,

It's a beautiful weather day here in the analog world of Middleton WI. The weather forecast online in the digital realm claims that the high today will top out at only 58 Fahrenheit degrees, but I will be perfectly honest with you...I was just outside gardening for the past 90 minutes in a tee shirt, and the ambient temperature of the atmosphere is currently pushing 70 degrees and rising, so I'm gonna call shenanigans on the GIB's assessment of reality. Analog reality trumps virtual reality every time.

After morning meditation and a half hour of jazz piano practice, I took a fresh jug of Roundup out to the front garden bed and applied a proverbial "scorched earth" policy to the embryonic weeds that foolishly chose to settle there. There is about a 50% likelihood of collateral damage to some of the non-weeds in the flower patch, but well worth the risk when it comes to exterminating ISIS...er, I mean thistles. Once that was completed, I took to the backyard and raised bed garden with the spray weedkiller.

Last week, Deborah and I bought a bunch of top soil and composted manure fertilizer. My next gardening task this morning was to dump said "dirt" into the raised bed garden, grade and level it, and cover it with black landscape fabric, which I secured with landscape staples. This will help to keep weeds to a minimum in this year's garden. The way it will work is that we will buy vegetable seedlings at the garden shoppe and I will cut holes in the landscape fabric where we want to plant them. We will only have to weed the weeds that come up through the cut holes and the sides of the raised bed.

Deborah and I had considered installing a second raised bed garden this spring, and we still might, but it was found to be cost prohibitive this year. Apparently, we got a really good deal on the Costco raised bed materials last year, but they aren't offering them this year and these cost three times as much on Amazon. So we might put in a smaller raised bed and just plant a flower or prairie garden.

Gardening complete, my sights are turning toward today's exercise regimen. Last week we bought Deborah a sweet new bike and with weather this awesome, it's the perfect time to take it out for a spin. Deborah will be trying out clipless pedals with SPD cleated bike shoes for the first time and I want to make sure she feels comfortable using them. She's busily making phone calls this morning to change her last name with various banks, businesses, and bureaus.

After biking, we may run a few errands before I head out to drive Uber and Lyft a spell. She wants me to get new glasses, even though my prescription hasn't changed, because my old ones are wearing out. I am not sure I want to spend a ton of money on glasses though. But if it makes Deborah happy and I find something reasonably affordable, I'll do it.

Ciao now!

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