The Lightest I Can Ever Remember Being

I weighed in at a solid 209 pounds this morning, the lightest I have weighed since any neurons in my brain that recalled a lower weight were annihilated, probably during my college years.

Losing almost 40 pounds over the past year was no easy feat, but nor was it especially difficult. It was what people call in the vernacular "not rocket science." I started eating healthy food and limited snacks and junk food to rare or special occasions, coupled with goal setting milestones and rewards (more on this in a minute). I joined a gym with my wife Deborah and began going there about thrice weekly for an hour or more, also incorporating moderate swimming and weight lifting into my regimen, something I never bothered with before. This kept me quite a bit more active through the cold Wisconsin winter months, when I would normally go dormant and sedentary in the past. It also diversified the portfolio of muscle groups that got some exercise every once in a while, increasing my overall basal metabolic rate.

I did not limit my caloric intake at all during my fitness kick, so I did not feel like I was ever dieting. Instead, I focused on eating as much nutritious food as I wanted and limited refined carbs, including keeping unhealthy snacks out of the house. I tracked my weight in a simple smart phone app and set achievable weight loss milestones. When I hit my milestones, I rewarded myself with a dietary "free day." To wit, for one day after achieving the goal, I can (if I choose) eat anything I want without guilt, but only for that one day (and it's a very fun and gluttonous day, I'll have you know). That way, I can still enjoy cake or milkshakes or fried cheese curds or pizza once in a rare while, but it is coupled with my fitness goals in a positive way. 

For example, my most recent goal was to get my weight below 210 pounds. I hit that solidly today, which means I can grant myself a free day here pretty soon. I'll naturally transiently go up a few pounds in net weight right after the free day due to the onslaught of empty calories entering my gut, but my next weight goal after that will be to get below 205 pounds, meaning I have to continue trending downward in weight before I can have another free day. So there is a potent incentive to stay on track, notwithstanding the 24 hours of unbridled gustatory hedonism.

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vergedrums said...

Awesome. It definitely shows. I meant to mention that to you last time we jammed.