10 Minutes - Poolside

I called our gym.

"Hi, this is Joe Leonard," I said to the woman who answered. I like to give my full name when I call places; I feel like it conveys a sense of importance or authority to the person on the other end of the line, like they should know who the person is by name. "I was wondering...is your outdoor pool open yet?"

"Yes it is," the woman said, and I thought I could hear excitement in her voice.

"Awesome. Thank you!" I said and hung up.

I turned to Deborah. "It's open," I told her. "I say we go chillax by the pool before or after our workout."

"Maybe we should go before," she said. "Before school lets out and it's full of kids."

"Plan," I confirmed. "But can we hit the post office on the way so I can mail the records?" I had sold some classic vinyl to a good friend of mine and wanted to ship it off before the post office closed.

Our gym, Harbor Athletic Club, has four pools, three of them indoors. The outdoor one is the least sporty of them all and only open seasonally during the warm weather months. It is surrounded by reclining pool chairs and designed for relaxation, an important part of wellness. We spent about 30 minutes poolside, direct sunlight boosting our vitamin D levels, with occasional dips in the water to cool off, before going inside for our usual hour of moderate aerobics and weight training. It was a beautiful sunny day.

We had a few chores to do after we worked out, but we decided to belay them until another day. Instead, we went home and I grilled some veggie and turkey burgers on the back deck as the protein compliment to a main course of yellow squash "spaghetti" topped with sauteed mushrooms and unsweetened pasta sauce. I used our veggie spiralizer machine to convert three yellow squashes into thin strings of mock spaghetti that I sauteed in butter and olive oil with some herbs and spices before adding the mushrooms (cooked separately) and pasta sauce from a jar. The squash spaghetti has a texture like actual pasta, but it's way more nutritious and has far fewer calories.

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