Cool Spell

We had a bit of a cool spell this weekend in Wisconsin, particularly today, but that didn't preclude us from going on our pre-planned Sunday morning bike ride. It was in the upper 50s when Deborah and I got up around 7 AM to prep.

"It'll be 60 by 10," I said, looking at the weather app on my phone. "No sign of rain right now. 10% chance by noon."

It was still brisk outside when we arrived at the Verona Park and Ride, where we were meeting some fellow biker friends, a little before 9. We were the first to arrive. There was a chill wind coming out of the west, the direction we'd be biking. Deborah waited inside the warm car while I unloaded our bikes from the rear rack.

"Might be a bit of a headwind at first," I told her. "But coming back we'll have a tail wind at least."

After our friends arrived, we kicked off for the first leg of bicycling on the Military Ridge bike path, from Verona to Riley. It was a bit of a struggle biking into the wind, but we covered the 7 or so miles easily enough.

We parked our bikes and went into the Riley Tavern, which has a Sunday morning breakfast menu. It used to be just pancakes and sausage, but they've added some more Atkins friendly options, like steak and eggs, which I ordered even though the kielbasa sausage and eggs sounded pretty good too (Side Note: I consistently eat a high protein/fat whole food diet, low in refined carbs. I had my annual physical last week and my cholesterol numbers were all excellent and in the normal range. I'm not saying...I'm just saying.).

After eating and paying, it was on to Mount Horeb, about 6.5 more miles along the bike path. The "rails to trails" bike path had a slight uphill grade most of the way to Mt. Horeb, which combined with the headwind to give us a decent workout. So when we rolled into town, I had skurried up a decent appetite, notwithstanding the Riley breakfast about 45 minutes earlier

We had lunch at the Grumpy Troll restaurant in Mt. Horeb and sat outside in their patio, which was chillier than we'd anticipated, because the sky had clouded up a lot. I checked the weather map again and saw no rainfall near our location, even though some of the clouds looked fairly darkish and suggestive of precipitation.

"It's mostly downhill with a tailwind now, baby!" I exclaimed to Deborah as we got back on our bikes to ride back to Verona. This exclamation was mostly true. After Riley, the trail graded slightly upward again, but the tailwind still helped a lot.

Before returning to the cars at the Park and Ride, we stopped at a small microbrewery in downtown Verona called the Hop House and sampled some of their beer. I got a flite with five different IPAs that they make. My favorite was called Hidden Stash. Try it if you ever go there.

It was a short ride back to the cars. We bid our friends farewell and headed home. Overall, it was a fulfilling day and the rain held off until later.

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