Midnight Ramblings

It'll be about midnight by the time I finish writing this and post it.

Optimized NAD+ Cell Regenerator?, with Resveratrol, 30 vegetarian capsulesI wanted to do a lot more writing today, particularly on the topic of age reversing nutritional supplements via my nutrition blog. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and doing some research on it. There's some interesting science behind the age slowing effects of the antioxidant resveratrol when combined with a nutrient called NAD+.

However, I never got the time to pound out the work on this piece because I was forced to deal with the headaches of setting up my new smartphone. The battery in my old one was on the outs so Verizon gave me a replacement at no charge. The process for transferring my data from the old phone to the new one was not as easy as the tutorial video would lead you to believe. Then Deborah informed me that I'd have to change all my settings and reorganize my apps from scratch. You'd think by now, this far into the 21st century, they'd have figured out a way to map EVERYTHING from your old smartphone to your new, including the settings and layouts, especially if it's the exact same make and model of phone, which was the case here. Anyway, that ate up most of my afternoon.

On the bright side, I ran some errands this morning around town, by bike. It was a super nice day. I picked up some pictures I had developed at Walgreens from an old roll of film I found. There wasn't much there but one of the pictures was a good one that my mom will appreciate. I'll give it to her when my folks drive through over the July 4 weekend, on their way up to their cabin. I also picked up my new, and expensive, glasses. Deborah says they look great on me. I tend to agree.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get some stormy weather. That will be good for the garden, which is coming along nicely. It also means I'll probably be relegated to the indoors and thus able to focus on the creative pursuits I had to suspend for today.

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