I do not endorse multitasking as a general rule. It's very inefficient. Better to do one thing really well than two things just kind of well. That being said, tonight I walked downstairs to get my dog Foster's eye drops from the kitchen while simultaneously brushing my teeth on the way down, and I did both tasks about as well as when I do them individually. However, actually administering Foster's eye drop required that I first completely finish brushing my teeth, so it wasn't a perfect scenario, but it did save me a little bit of time.

Although not technically multitasking by the strictest definition of the term, Deborah and I synergized our workout today with going to see my buddy Phil's band, YOUR MOM, at the Capital Brewery. We accomplished this with a bit of good planning and time management. We set a goal of arriving at the show between 6 and 7 PM and worked backward from there. About 4:30 PM, we rode our bikes the two miles to Deborah's folks' house on Lake Mendota where we borrowed their kayaks for a jaunt on the water. The weather was phenomenal. After almost an hour of the watersports, we biked another couple miles over to Capital Brewery, arriving within the specified time window at 6:55 PM. We socialized and enjoyed the music over a couple pints with friends before biking the short distance home before dark. I am not convinced that more calories were burned than were consumed, but it was a successful outing within the predetermined framework. We treat exercise as a process goal and the metric is binary: Did we do some significant exercise or not? All other things held equal, it is better to do some exercise than none at all.

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