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One of the things I quite enjoy is selling some of my vinyl records on Ebay. There is some research work that goes into figuring out the market value of used records and what kind of supply and demand is out there. But there is also a fair amount of chillaxing in my ottoman chair and listening to classic vintage vinyl, which is how I assess the condition of these records "on the ground."

Right now I am listening to Paul McCartney and Wings perform live concert  songs on side 4 of the album "Concerts for the People of Kampuchea." This double live album doesn't garner a lot of interest from the classic rock and vinyl savvy Intarwebz, apparently. There are a lot of reasons why this could be, but one of them isn't the artists and songs on this record. The Clash. Elvis Costello and the Attractions. The Pretenders. Queen. The Who. Great bands. And this record is well produced with Paul McCartney at the helm.

More than likely, there are just lots of copies out there floating around. Or maybe people don't give a @#$% anymore about the people of Kampuchea (aka, Cambodia), who at the time of the conceiving of the concept for this album in 1979 were being terrorized by war (Pol Pot, the Killing Fields, etc.). It was McCartney's idea to do rock concerts to raise money for these good people. And it rocked a lot harder than the feel good commercial fundraiser concerts of today, if you want my $0.02 cents. So, why not...let's start the bidding at two cents (plus shipping).

I dig this record and I think you will too.

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