The Power of Positive Thinking

During my morning meditation this morning, I listened to the KISS vinyl record album "Destroyer" on my little turntable so I could assess it's sound quality for potential sale (it was crap), but that's neither here nor there.

Earlier in the morning, I read a short essay that showed up in my email inbox about the negative effects of worrying. It was from some self-help blog that I must have subscribed to at some point. In summary, worry is counterproductive because it causes stress and anxiety about future events that haven't happened yet. Worry causes us to fabricate mental scenarios that are, in all likelihood, unlikely. The essay went on to propose the logical solution that instead of worrying, try mentally envisioning a positive future outcome of whatever it is you had been worrying about.

Lately, I have not had a great deal to worry about. Everything is going to plan on preparing to start graduate school in the fall and the forecast for summer fun is looking great. However, I am dealing with a minor stressful situation right now, the details of which are inconsequential, and it has caused me to worry a little bit. So, long story short because I have to go do some freelance yardwork in a few minutes, during my meditation I decided to focus on positive outcomes for the aforementioned situation. I visualized the best case scenario and everything panning out the way I want it to.

I have no scientific basis on which to say that the Cosmos heeded my positive wishful thinking on this matter, but later on in the day I received an email from one of the parties to the situation who told me that, indeed, it looked like everything was unfolding in very close approximation to the best case scenario. That was probably going to happen anyway, so I don't attribute this to any divine or supernatural power, but it does illustrate the wasted energy that goes into unnecessarily worrying about something.

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