A Fabulous Day

Today rocked. I could have used more sleep last night, but once I got up, had coffee, and started moving, I was pretty much unstoppable. A workman showed up butt-crack-of-dawn early to install a new shower in Deborah's bathroom, and that's part of the reason why my sleep was truncated.

Deborah and I meditated mid-morning, and I might have dozed off during that, but I'm not sure. After lunch, I biked over to Midvale and Tokay where I met my buddy Tyler and together we biked due south on the Badger State Trail for a while. It was scenic and splendid.

There was a loose plan for Deborah and I to meet some extended family members downtown in the early evening and my plan was to bike there after I got done riding with Tyler, but when I called Deborah, she told me the workman installing the shower had encountered some issues that had prolonged his stay, precluding the planned socializing. So I biked home instead and made a delicious dinner of whole wheat pasta topped with sauteed summer squash in marinara sauce.


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