Bopping to Brunch by Bike

My wife Deborah's son Devon has the day off today and we haven't hung out with him in a while. So today we are spending some quality time with him.

Deborah and I met him for lunch at Babe's Pub, and rather than driving there and suffering through ridiculous summer construction car traffic, we biked the 12 or so miles there and back. We still had to deal with incredibly poor drivers whilst we were biking on the road, particularly crossing busy intersections, but we mainly stayed on back roads with minimal traffic.

The weather was great. We sat in the outdoor patio at Babe's, once we'd parked and locked our bikes. Devon had opted to drive his car to the establishment and was a little bit delayed due to the aforementioned heinous traffic. I ordered a veggie melt sandwich, sans bun. The chef just put all the sandwich innards, a nice blend of sauteed veggies, including zucchini and yellow squash, on a plate. I think you actually end up getting a little bit more food when you request a "naked" sandwich option like this, and because it was veggies, it was probably more nutritious too, without the empty carbs of the bun. Deborah had her usual, a salad with grilled chicken on top. Devon had a burger and fries.

On the bike ride home, an oblivious BMW driver paid no heed to Deborah as he drove recklessly all over the place, totally fitting the stereotype of Beamer drivers (apologies to any good Beamer drivers out there, I know you are a rare and elusive species). Deborah threw him a baldy (middle finger), which he well deserved. Chances are he was too oblivious to see it though.

It was a pleasant outing mostly though, besides that.

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