"Live Your Life Like There's No Tomorrow" Sounds Less Cliche Nowadays

I sometimes tell my punk rock lifestyle coaching clients who are struggling to find meaning in life and pursue their dreams, "Live your life the way you would if today was your last day on Earth."

It sounds a little (or a lot) cliche. The chances are very good that today is not even close to their last day on Earth, and they know this. That's why they don't immediately go and tell their boss to kiss their arse before buying a plane ticket to Tahiti. But the idea behind my saying this is to help my clients visualize making positive changes in their lives that will lead them in the direction of having the good life they want.

Here's a fun fact: There will come a day some time in the future that is your last day on Earth. No one knows when that is going to be, and there is a slim chance it actually could be today!

The point is, when your last day comes, do you want to be happily living your life to the fullest? Or do you want to be hating your life, work, and/or relationships? If you answered the latter, stop reading. This post is not for you.

I suspect most of you are still reading. Hi there! Many of you may be living your dream life already, like I am. Superb. You can keep reading if you want, but it's optional.

This morning, I wrote a post on another blog, the more ranty and politically-biased 2 Minute Reader, about how the fate of the whole world is a little bit more questionable nowadays, if the corporate mainstream media is to be believed. I am not going to get into the details, because I like to keep this blog drama free at all times. You can go read it HERE if you really want to (I hope you don't...). The basic jist of it was that the probability of today being EVERYONE's last day on Earth is slightly higher than it used to be, statistically speaking, so there is more incentive now to start living the life you really want.

If you feel like you aren't living life to the fullest or you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere, drop me a line. I'd love to help you get your life going in the right direction. I have a fantastic life and I'd love to share my tips, tricks, and advice with you so you can have one too. I offer first time clients one hour of punk rock lifestyle coaching* pro bono (Latin for FREE!) and there's no obligation to continue on as my client if you don't get anything useful out of it. That's how sure I am that you will.

*Punk Rock Lifestyle Coaching is my own personal brand. I'm a punk rocker and I live my life unconventionally to the fullest, as you can see if you regularly read this blog. But you don't need to be an actual punk rocker to benefit from my coaching and get your life moving in a better direction (though many of my clients are musicians). I'm not affiliated with any commercial coaching organization, though I took many online coaching courses and was employed by a vitamin company as a Wellness Program Coordinator for several years before going freelance.

I was influenced to get into this line of work after reading "Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality" by Brad Warner. It's a great little overview of how to find meaning in life no matter what your background or your goals. It's based on Zen Buddhist principles, but it doesn't matter what your guiding beliefs are to get something out of it. Check it out and if it resonates with you, you might find my lifestyle maximizing philosophy jibes with yours, and we can work together to build your dream life.

Another guiding text for me is "The 4 Agreements," a short book of Toltec wisdom that I discovered whilst getting some work/life balance therapy of my own a few years ago. It's a great read if your goal is to eliminate negativity and drama from your life, an essential step in removing the barriers to improving your life. If nothing else, check it out at the library and give it a quick read (it's very short). Although lifestyle coaching requires no certificate or degree, I am a graduate student in Marriage and Family Therapy and I love helping people have better lives. If your life is great already, great! I'm also an ordained Dudeist (Abide!). It's very satisfying to see people make positive changes in their lives. I'd love to hear from you.

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