The weather was fantastic today. Earlier in the week, the Weatherbug app was forecasting a slight 30% risk of showers today, but that threat had disappeared by Saturday and it was all sun today, with temps in the low 80s. This was fortuitous, because we had planned a social bike ride for today and it all went to plan.

Deborah and I loaded our bikes on the rack on the back of our car about noon and cruised on over to Monona to pick up our friend Sherry and her bike, before arriving at the Cottage Grove trailhead of the Glacial Drumlin state nature trail about 1.

We rode our bikes about 11 miles one way to the Kroghville Oasis roadhouse, just off the trail, where my buddy Phil's band, YOUR MOM, was playing an afternoon show. I had my bike boom box on my bike, so we had tunes the whole way. We had lunch and a couple drinks while watching the band before riding back to the car and going home. Fun and sun. It was abfab.

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