Third Wind

I'm on my third wind of the day. It all kicked off this morning with considerable potency when I got up bright and early so my band GUPPY EFFECT could rock a pre-noon show at the infamous Monona Farmers Market. It was well received and afterward I did a bit of shopping for some local produce and, of course, squeaky cheese curds, before the rains briefly rolled in off the western prairie. At that time, the band and several of our entourage booked it on over the Crema Cafe for a late brunch and social.

My second wind blew in when Deborah and I spent most of the afternoon at a family shindig and blew out near the end of it. Now that we're back home and I am reflecting on the awesomeness of the day, my flagging sails are billowing with a third and final wind that will carry me through the Sunday night "Netflix and chill" ritual (I only today learned what this means in the vernacular).

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