A Fair Weather Day and Chili

After Deborah got home from work, we decided to go kayaking over by her folks' house. I had a pretty solid work day and I was ready to enjoy the really nice evening weather. I biked over to her folks' place to get more exercise; she drove there. We had a good long paddle out on Lake Mendota.

This morning, I hunted down a decent heavy duty shipping box to package and ship a vintage guitar amp head I sold on Ebay. Then I spent the better part of the AM figuring out how to most cost effectively get my remaining books that I need for grad school. I think there is now only one outstanding, so it mostly worked out OK. The last one is like $80 or something stupidly outrageous. There were cheaper rental copies available online a couple weeks ago, but those seem to have been snatched up. There isn't even a Kindle version of it. Lame. Digital copies ought to be all over the place in this day and age. I was industrious though. I called my local library, and even though their library system did not have a copy of this particular text in circulation, a nice reference desk lady told me over the phone how to request one via Inter-Library Loan on the Web. As far as I can tell, I should be able to land a copy this way, at least on the short term, until I can find an economical buying or renting option down the road.

After that, I took a three mile walk (round trip) over to Deborah's workplace and had lunch with her. To tell you the truth, I didn't eat much. I tried to, but the cafeteria at her workplace was lacking options. She gave me a bite of her black bean burger (she got the last one) and half of her banana.

Returning home, I read some material for my upcoming grad school classes and made a decent pot of turkey* chili. I kept it simple. I sauteed the ground turkey with onion, celery, and matchstick carrots; added spices, mainly black pepper, cumin, and garlic powder; poured in a can of diced tomatoes and brought to a simmer; topped it off with mushrooms, zucchini, peppers (poblano, yellow and green), a can of drained chick peas, and an undrained can of black beans; simmered it a bit more and called 'er done before picking up Deborah and getting out on the lake. The two bowls of chili I ate after kayaking more than made up for the meager lunch.

Solidly productive day.

*I know...I said I was going vegetarian, and I am. But I also said I was allowing some meat whilst I used up whatever remained in our freezer. It's a gradual phase in of veganism. Bear with me. Plus the turkey only makes up a small percentage of the otherwise vegetable-rich chili recipe I use. More of a flavoring agent than a protein source.

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