Up to the Cabin

I'm in my sleeping bag, on an air mattress, at the cabin, and I'm quite content. I'm about to read a book after I finish this post. We had a good family dinner tonight after I got back from a couple hours of (unsuccessful) fishing with my nephew Ty. My sister had no way of knowing I'd gone mostly vegan, a very recent development. My mom hinted that I should not make a fuss about my dietary preferences, but why would I? Sis didn't care that much that I didn't eat the chicken she had prepared, and there were ample veggie side dishes. I particularly enjoyed the black bean and potato one, and my dad had cooked up his delicious homemade applesauce too. There was also a salad option. Truth be told, the salad dressing contained some milk solids, but I put it on my salad anyway. My goal for going vegan was similar to the goal in meditation of excluding extraneous thoughts, except applied to diet rather than to my mind. Just as it's a challenge to exclude all extraneous thoughts during meditation, it's also hard to exclude all meat and meat by-products from one's diet all the time. But the purpose of the exercise is reduction of the undesirable thing...calming of the mental state (meditation) and optimizing of the physical state (veganism). To the extent I am able, I choose vegetable based foods. But I'm not militant about it. In fact, until the remaining meat in our freezer at home is consumed, I fully plan to eat some meat on the weekends (this is a Tuesday), primarily fish, but some poultry too. All the eggs we had have been eaten and I don't intend to buy more any time soon. I am still on the fence about paleo sources of meat, like bison. I will probably consider it on a case by case basis as my nutritional needs (such as iron, protein, and B vitamins) demand.

You may be wondering why I have so suddenly decided to go mostly vegan. You may even feel a little threatened by it or think I'm an idiot. All the answers you seek can be found HERE.

There are massive benefits to veganism, both in terms of individual and environmental health. It takes 10 times the natural resources and land to make animal based food vs plant based food and you will never find any scientific study that says eating more fruit and vegetables is unhealthy for you. None. Fact.

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