Tom Petty From a Nutritional Standpoint

I was never a hardcore Tom Petty fan. I admired his impressive repertoire of tunes. He produced and the product was solid.

There's a ton of music I'd listen to before I'd listen to Tom Petty. But that being said, in today's climate of pop music radio drivel, if I'm scanning the FM dial, a TP tune is going to win out over* just about any of today's crappy, pitch corrected, rhythm doctored, overproduced, artificial ear candy.

And candy is a good analogy and segway to the central thesis of this post. Tom Petty was to rock music what fruits and vegetables are to good nutrition. Wholesome, healthy, staple diet rock-n-roll.

I'm not usually gonna choose fruit or veggies to eat if there's an option for a big cheeseburger (for argument's sake, let's call Black Sabbath the cheeseburger). I'm gonna enjoy the cheeseburger more. But I know that for good health and wellness, I need to eat some fruits and vegetables sometimes. So I do (listen to Tom Petty) on a fairly regular basis.

And there is no shortage of fruits and veg on the radio right now, let me tell you...

*Note: A better word here would be "trump," but that word has been recently spoiled and associated with racism and all manner of lameness and malfeasance.

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