I Have Not Been This "Light" in a Long Time

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when the bathroom scale told me I was down to 208 pounds, the lightest I have been since as far back as I can remember, and a new record low for my weight in recent history.

I want to be able to attribute this drop in weight to the vegan diet I have been on since just after the New Year, just for sh!ts and giggles. However, I can't confidently say that. It's definitely contributing, but I think it's the combined effect of several lifestyle factor improvements. For example, I have been going to the gym more often - roughly five times per week as compared to about three times per week before the holidays. Then there's the holidays themselves...or lack thereof...which means less consumption of caloric foods. Although it is not a requirement of adherence to a vegan diet, I've been somewhat purposefully avoiding added sugar in foods too. Conversely, I have been eating more nuts, which are high in (albeit low-glycemic index) calories, when I snack. My wife Deborah bought us a Nutri-Bullet blender, which is awesome and allows us to make quick, nutritious smoothies that are portion controlled by the Max Fill line of the blender receptacle.

I'm also almost two weeks into my second semester of graduate school in Edgewood College's Marriage and Family Therapy clinical program. The stress of this has reduced my appetite a little bit and also thrown off my eating schedule off. For example, in order to squeeze in a quick gym workout last night, I did not have time to make a decent dinner before my evening class, so I made a smoothie in the Nutri-Bullet instead and took it to class with me. On the other side of that coin, I also find myself eating larger meals after my class ends at 9 PM. Eating late at night is supposed to be unhelpful for weight loss, but it doesn't seem to be unhelpful in my case.

In conclusion, I have no good explanation for my substantial weight loss of 10+ pounds over the past month. I suppose it's possible I have some horrible disease or maybe just a tapeworm.

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