Power Nappage

I succumbed to a power nap this afternoon whilst I was studying. It wasn't that the material was dull (it was actually pretty cool), but rather that I had had a pretty solid workout at the gym in the early afternoon and I was studying on the comfortable bed in our guest room. The exercise fatigue and the reclined position combined to knock me out for an hour or so. When I woke up, I finished an assignment I needed to submit and then watched Sunday night TV shows with my wife Deborah: Ash vs Evil Dead, Counterpart, The Walking Dead, and Homeland.

Before heading to the gym, I had a vegan breakfast of oatmeal with the usual whole food add ons (nuts and fruit, some flax powder, maple syrup, etc.). I got to sleep in a little bit today, which was nice, but also somewhat anticlimactic, since we had to set the clocks ahead this weekend. I talked to my folks in the evening, touching base. I am hoping they will try the vegan key lime pie recipe I sent them via email so I can find out what they think of it.

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