I reluctantly got up at 8:30 AM this morning. I might have lingered in bed a while longer, except my wife Deborah's son Devon wanted to come over and talk to her about something. So I got up and went to the gym for a quick workout, after eating a vegan breakfast of oatmeal with maple syrup, apple, banana, grapes, pecans, flax seed powder, and unsweetened almond milk (plus a dash of citrus flavored vitamin powder for a 10,000% RDA of the elusive vitamin B12 that anti-vegans are always complaining about). Around noon, Deborah, Devon, his girlfriend Gretchen, and I drove up to the Cascade Mountain ski hills and went tubing for the afternoon. It's basically quality controlled sledding that you pay for. We all went out to eat at the Flying Hound after we got back to Madison, where Gretchen (who is a licensed professional counselor) and I talked about brief therapy for a bit. After we parted ways with the kids, Deborah and I went home and chillaxed in front of the TV. Solid day. Tomorrow should be lazier. I am playing jazz at night, so all I need to do, at some point, is rehearse a few standards before I head to the venue. I'll probably go to the gym and do some studying too, because I am ambitious that way. Even though I am technically on Spring Break, I have a metric pantload of school work I need to get out in front of this week...stay tuned.

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