Why is Veganism Easier for Me Now Than in the Past?

I have been successfully adhering to a vegan diet since the beginning of this year and the results have been outstanding. I have been losing weight on this diet like crazy with no restriction on caloric intake (a healthy vegan diet is naturally low in high glycemic foods that stimulate fat storage). My osteoarthritis symptoms from a foot injury 15+ years ago have essentially disappeared (joint pain and inflammation in my left big toe that had been chronically worsening). There are gastrointestinal benefits that my wife says I should not blog about, but suffice to say the pipes are clear. If the scientific literature is to be believed, my cardiovascular and urogenital systems are being restored to a more healthy state the longer I am on this diet.

I have tried to go vegan in the past without much long term success. It always seemed too inconvenient or difficult. So why have I been able to comfortably adhere to what began as a fortnight long New Year's resolution this time?

I think there are a few factors. One of them is that I've been stimulating my creative juices trying to find and prepare vegan recipes, which is fun, especially desserts. Second, I was able to extend the original short term duration of the diet by incorporating it into an 8-week graduate school class project on veganism and mental health. The weight loss and the absence of osteoarthritis symptoms is pure operant conditioning to stay on this diet. Eff foot pain! My wife is also doing it with me, so that gives me an "accountabili-buddy" to motivate adherence (and also makes meal prep and dining out easier). I have to admit that after turning 50 in January, longevity, mortality, and, most importantly, morbidity issues about chronic disease risk are more salient. My in-laws have adopted veganism for health reasons and my wife and I have been surveying the diet and health media for information, most of which touts the bennies of a whole food, plant-based diet. There has never been a study that showed eating MORE fruits and vegetables was detrimental to human health. Ever. Lastly, I cannot lie...there is a part of me that simply wants to outlive my enemies (I don't have many, but I encourage them to eat more junk food, lots of red meat and cheese, very little vegetables, and to start smoking cigarettes if they don't already...also don't exercise...at all!).

Feel free to ask a question in the comments section below and I will answer with as many non-alternative facts as I can.

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