I'm Off the Face

My indefinite hiatus from Facebook, which is essentially a hiatus from social media (since that's the only SM platform I really use), started today, just after midnight when I got home from the Sunday open jam at Funks Pub.

When I got home from four hours of Agrace Hospice volunteer training this morning, I spent two hours practicing solo acoustic songs for my Cactus Joe solo set, which I'll be performing at a show on Saturday May 12 at the Common Ground coffee shoppe here in Middleton WI.

Would I have missed this valuable rehearsal time window today if I had been dicking around on Facebook? I don't know, but I suspect it would have at least been significantly truncated. Social media is, by design, addictive. Don't take my word for it...just watch the 60 Minutes segment on it from a few months ago. I am not going to post a link to it for you here...that would be too easy. Go do a Google search! I have a duty to encourage critical thinking in you lot, which means getting you to use the Giant Internet Brain you have right at your fingertips from time to time.

A part of me feels anxiety, also by design, that perhaps I'll miss something important on Facebook whilst I am off it. This is an irrational fear akin to the fear of getting fat that smokers have when they want to quit. In all the years I have used Facebook, NOTHING important has ever happened there. Ever. And that includes my own posts, promoting, say, my band GUPPY EFFECT's shows. I don't think social media has contributed in any way to additional headcount at the music venues and house concerts we play at. Direct communication works way better and is much more engaging.

Anyway, I'm still doing stuff. I am just not utilizing Facebook as a tool anymore when I do it. Other than the time lost to dicking around on social media, nothing much has really changed. Still, I will document any subjective positive or negative feelings or thoughts directly related to this indefinite hiatus over the next few days. Right now, I am going to meditate...and quite probably power nap...for a spell before I have to go to my evening class. I definitely have extra time on my hands today, which is nice, whether it is due to less social media use or not.


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