Milestone Crushed

Another milestone has been crushed in my ongoing mission to become a marriage and family therapist. I landed an internship at a great site for my clinical practicum during my second year of grad school. I can't disclose too many details right now, but I am super pumped and I hope you are too, vicariously through me.

Deborah and I spent an hour at the gym this morning. I burned about 800+ calories on the stationary exercise bike whilst learning Spanish with the Duolingo app on my tablet. The gym was overrun with undesirable people (aka, people). I'm not sure why it was so crowded. It's April, so the resoluteness of the New Year's Resolutionaries (NYRs - described in a prior post) should have long since decreased back to baseline - meaning they should have been at home sprawled on couches eating Doritos. Conversely, we discovered that the gym had just installed a battery of new spinning bikes, in no small part thanks to the monetary influx from said NYRs at the beginning of the year. But that cannot have explained all of the commotion at the club. Odd.

This afternoon, Deborah and I are going to see the movie, "A Quiet Place," which was written by a couple buddies of a filmmaker friend of mine. We had the option to go to the Wisconsin Film Fest, but that tends to be a bit of a cluster and often involves waiting on lines, which does not jibe well with our general intolerance of lines.

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