Bring the Tropics to Me

I have tried to persuade Deborah to move someplace tropical. We briefly considered Florida before circumstanes changed and I went back to school in Madison WI. Additionally, the case has been made that Florida may be under water in 20 or 30 years, and that would suck for old people, which is what we will be on our way to becoming in 20 or 30 years. By the same token, meteorological models indicate that with current trends in global climate change, Wisconsin will get a lot warmer and wetter over the same 20 to 30 year time period, essentially becoming more tropical. So really all I need to do is be patient and the tropics will eventually come to me. Win-win.



There are some absolutely revolting nutrition bars on the market. But I learned something today. If you eat an absolutely revolting nutrition bar after eating an even more absolutely revolting one, the second one tastes RELATIVELY good by comparison.

That is what relativity means. A good day to you.



Today might be a "two coffee morning" (2CM). I slept an ample number of hours last night, and fairly deeply, I might add. So I have little in the way of rational explanation. The mind is a terrible thing...


I Love Heat

Wisconsin is supposedly under a heat advisory this weekend. Bring it! I love heat. I once rode my bike 110 miles in 110 degree heat in Iowa in July. I grant you that I literally had to stop and drink an entire bottle of iced cold Gatorade about every 12 minutes while doing this, but boy were my pores cleansed. The high this weekend will be 92. Child's play.