6 Word Novel

"Use 'I' statements."

"I...hate him?"


A Guideline

As a general guideline, I find it unwise to meditate late in the day, particularly if I still have things I want to accomplish. These late day meditations tend to segue very smoothly into power naps, which have a tendency to sap my ambition for further evening activities. What is your experience with this? Leave a comment below.


People...Are Dumb

I don't know what chemicals they put in the American junk food supply these days to dumb people down, but some people must consume supratoxic doses.

Case in point...

I am at the airport, near the gate where I will board my flight in about 90 minutes - and I grant you this is probably excessively early to be here...but let my caution serve as a counterpoint to this exemplar of stupidity...

As I was walking down the concourse toward my gate, I heard gate agents making a last call for passengers on a flight that was about to depart from that gate very soon. Not only that, but they were specifically calling for a passenger who had not yet boarded...by name...urgently encouraging them to get there ASAP or else!

So, I seat myself near the gate and go about minding my own business. The gate agents close the door to the plane 10 minutes before departure, as they always do. About three minutes later, a woman and her pre-teen daughter (who I had seen when I was going through TSA security...clearly not in any kind of rush) SLOWLY saunter up to the gate, expecting to board. The gate agent gives them a look that can only be described as incredulous, before telling the mom she is too late to the gate, as they say in the vernacular, and she cannot board. The mom then throws a fit, arguing that the plane isn't due to leave for another - by this time - four minutes, and she should be allowed to board.

It is hard for me to give this woman the benefit of the doubt, but I will assume she has not flown domestically in the U.S. since before 9/11. Nonetheless, the gate agent communicated to the woman the absolute impossibility that she and her daughter would be boarding this particular plane, even though their baggage had probably indeed done so, and would be waiting for them at their destination when they arrived there on a later flight.

My hypothesis about the toxicity of the American junk food supply as the underlying cause of this woman's mental flatulence (aka, "brain fart") is the most parsimonious one given the observable facts available to me. However, I am open to other educated guesses that my admittedly groggy morning cognition has not yet fathomed.

If you have any thoughts to share about this, please leave a comment on this post.