Happy New Year

Have a happy 2019.

I ended 2018 performing a rock show with a band at a ski resort lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. It was made more enjoyable by the fact that my lovely wife Deborah was able to join me for it. Adverse weather made getting to the gig a challenge, but once there everything went to plan, notwithstanding a few minor bass biffs.* The inclement weather had cleared and the snow plows had done their duty by the time the show ended and we headed back to Madison.

Given the fact that we ate (albeit cheeseless) pizza at the ski lodge and a bag of potato chips between us on the car ride, I was surprised to find my weight stable at 199 pounds this morning, after a solid night (and half day) of sleep. That made one of my resolutions for 2019 all the more realistic and achievable (2019 resolutions post coming soon), namely to maintain a healthy body weight.

I'm off to a good start and I hope you are too. Leave a comment below about your New Year celebrations and how the year is starting off for you.

*Note: I was subbing on bass for the band's regular bass player, who broke his hand. So, I had to learn a pantload of songs expediently, and there was a margin of error. But it was minimal.

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