February Album Writing Month 2019

It's three days into February Album Writing Month (FAWM). I had given this songwriting challenge some thought in December and January, but entirely spaced it when it started on February 1st, in large part because I was focused on some gigs that I had the past two nights (subbing on bass with YOUR MOM band).

In fact, I was supposed to have a rehearsal with my embryonic surf rock band this afternoon, but I canceled it when 2.5 of it's five members said they could not make it. The 0.5 refers to the fact that one of the players could only be there for a fraction of the scheduled rehearsal time. I am OK with rehearsing when one participant is absent, but two or more is a challenge, especially for surf rock, which has so many interdependent, synergistic parts.

So, long story short, I am redirecting the mental bandwidth and time that would have been spent surf rocking to writing FAWM songs instead.

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